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Discover how you can turn your boxes of photos into beautiful, unique storybooks, posters, and cards…at a fraction of the time and cost using the Heritage Makers online publishing system!

We know your story is very important to you and your family. Stories provide a way for us to discover the rich heritage of which we are a part. With Heritage Makers unique online publishing process those stories can be preserved forever in custom hardbound books and projects.  We are there every step of the way to help you write and publish your very own story and preserve your photographs and memories in wonderfully new and unique ways (click here to view just a few of the hundreds of fully-customizable template themes available to our clients, or check out our blog to be inspired with tons of ideas and projects we are creating). With online, secure photo storage and access to the latest technology available in Digital Scrapbooking, Heritage Makers is your one-stop resource for all your photo preservation and gift-giving needs!

Is there an Italian in your family?

If there is some Italian blood in your vein, you must be very attached to your family! And when we say family, we mean everybody, even your long lost 3rd cousin twice removed that lives in a little town in the South of Italy.
You want to know who was you grandfather, great grandfather, how many children they had, where they lived...
With our experience in Italian genealogy research we can help you find the missing links.
Reconnect to your Roots!